Cosy Homes Away Cardiff Serviced Accommodation

Cosy Homes Away

Serviced Accommodation

More money, less tax and no tenants

The ideal solution to maximise your rental profit hassle-free


Just let your propery with us to be used as serviced accommodation

More money: We garantee long-term rent, with no voids or late payments. Your property will be furnished and light refurnish for free and will be kept in perfect conditions due to our weekly cleaning and inspections. We'll also take care of all the minor maintenance issues below £250.

Less Tax : There are special tax rules for rental income from properties that qualify as furnished holiday lets (FHLs). These special tax rules can provide tax benefits, including capital allowances and section 24. Short-term rentals can provide significant tax advantages over traditional buy-to-lets, which means landlords can save a lot of tax and potentially make better rent yields.

No tenants: We'll become your tenant. We'll be liable to pay the rent each month. We'll provide accommodation for our corporate clients, whose employees will stay at your property as guests. For this reason your property will be nobody's main residence, therefore you won't have any eviction related issues with us.