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Who we are 

We're  Maurizio and Daniela. A Bridge Engineer and an Architect. 

What both of our corporate jobs have failed to pull together, our shared passion to serve others in the hospitality business  has.

Our roots are from  Bari in our lovely and sunny Puglia,  the "hill"  of Italy, but we have also lived and worked in Rome for many years before coming to Cardiff in 2015 and since then we didn't move.

Why Cardiff

After living in Rome for over 15 years, believe me it was not an easy decision to move to the UK.

But in Italy at the time we didn't see a bright working future for us, nor for our two children Francesca and Andrea.

At that time, our sectors was starting  to loose  steam. 

We were  at a crossroads and we felt that we had to do something to take our life back, improve it and start over.

So off we went and moved to Cardiff, a medium sized seaside capital city where everything we need is within walking distance and within a short time. 

Yes, it was a bit like going back to our lifestyle in Bari, only a little colder and wetter.

tough decision cosy homes away
Cardiff_Millenium Centre cosy homes away

What we do 

We run a family Accommodation business to provide our Corporate Clients a memorable experience in the very heart of Cardiff.

All our accommodation are serviced at least on a weekly basis with all top class  comforts, such as Wi-Fi, Netflix TV, fully equipped kitchen, comfy beds and sofas and a Work From Home space.

We work close with  Letting Agents to provide their Clients with a Long Term Tenancy under a Company Let Agreement  from minimum 1  to 5 years.